Sexilicious: Lauren Conrad, from The Hills, Sex Tape

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Perez Hilton reports that MTV reality star Lauren Conrad is the latest girl in young Hollywood with a homemade porno about to be made public, sources reveal exclusively to

The Hills star made a sex tape with former boyfriend, bad boy Jason Wahler, who has been arrested three times in the last twelve months and was recently sentenced to serve time.

"Jason is trying to sell the video before he goes to jail," a source close to Wahler tells us. "LC will lose her mind when she finds out!"

Conrad, obviously, was aware of the tape's existence. "Lauren tried to break into Jason's apartment to get the tape," says a mutual friend of the pair. "She was practically stalking him and calling non-stop until he finally agreed to give her the video."

But, what LC doesn't know is that Wahler wisely kept a copy of the tape, sources tells, which he is now trying to peddle.

"They edit around the show to make Lauren look like a goodie two shoes on The Hills, but she's hardly a saint," says an insider on the show. "LC is gonna pop more Adderal then she usually does when she finds out that news of the sex tape was made public."

And it might leak online if Jason isn't able to sell the video, we're told.

One person who's seen the tape says that it's fairly standard stuff. No watersports or anal sex, but....

The viewer couldn't help but notice "LC's got really large beef curtains."

Says a friend of the reality TV star, "She's got overly large girly bits. Everyone knows."

Poor Lauren. Having a private sex tape made public is bad enough, but to have everyone make fun of your mangina too? Beyond embarrassing!

Too bad, it is not with the hottie Brody Jenner !!!!!!

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